Kim Kardashian: I Support Kanye West For Attacking Paparazzi

Last week Kanye West walked into a pole in Beverly Hills because the paparazzi were bothering him. He then proceeded to attack the paparazzi HAM-style, cussing them out and trying to beat the camera out of their hands.
Kim Kardashian, despite being NOTORIOUS for calling paparazzi when she’s going to be somewhere and inviting paparazzi on her DAMN HONEYMOON, is standing behind her man and supports his WWE style of paparazzi combat.
TMZ is reporting that Kim is telling friends Kanye was completely in the right for swinging and spitting and fuming at the paps.
The majority of Kim’s fame is because of paparazzi photos, but sure Kanye, you can beat them up until your baby mama is irrelevant. That makes sense.

Kim also reportedly tells friends that the paps have become a lot more aggressive since she announced her pregnancy.
Apparently Kim almost got into an accident yesterday when she was being chased by a paparazzo and she has taken a very high and mighty stance on the subject of paparazzi, telling Kanye that if he wants to beat up a paparazzi, he should definitely do it.
Just to put this into perspective…Angelina Jolie just had her boobs removed!
Sorry, Kim. No one cares that the cameras are bothering you.
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