Brangelina Postponing Wedding Because Of Surgery?

 Angelina Jolie announced yesterday that she recently underwent a double mastectomy in an attempt to decrease the risk of contracting breast cancer.
This brave action and her honesty about it resonated with nearly everyone especially her fiancé Brad Pitt, who called her “heroic.”
Until now, the only news concerning Angie and Brad was their possible upcoming wedding.
We’re assuming that Brangelina’s clan is more preoccupied with Angie’s health and recovery from surgery, there are more important things than BRANGELINA’S WEDDING YOU GUYS!
The rumor was that Brad and Angie were going to get married in the south of France right after the Cannes Film Festival, but Brad doesn’t have a film in contention and has no reason to attend the film festival. Also, Cannes starts tomorrow, soo…are they really getting hitched in a week or two? And why the Cannes deadline when Brad isn’t even going?
We have good reason to believe you all might have to hold on a little longer for that epic Brangelina wedding we’re all desperately waiting for.
Unless, of course, you choose to believe The Daily Mail, whose source says that Angie really wants to get married “sooner rather than later” despite just undergoing a double mastectomy.
The only reason they give for the speedy wedding is because the kids keep asking Brad and Angie when it’s happening.
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