Beyoncé Throws $25,000 Party for Crew

Like the Lord Almighty, Beyoncé giveth and Beyoncé can taketh away.
In London, the sun riseth o’er all the land, from Piccadilly to thine Bristol Channel, because Beyoncé giveth and giveth and then she be giveth some more.
On the Sabbath (last Sunday night), Queen Bey rewarded her crew with an impromptu $26,500 “thank you” party following six nights of shows at the O2 Arena in England.
A source shared the details of The Great Gatsby-rivaling soiree with The Sun newspaper: “Beyoncé wanted to say thanks to all of the backing dancers, crew and everyone else involved” for their tireless work.
Here's the part we'd bellow "God Bless Beyoncé," except Beyoncé is God, so redundant.

She took them to the champagne bar at the Andaz Hotel on Liverpool Street, told them to let their weaves down and put them in a safe place they’d remember come morning because they were about to get DUH-RUNK, Beyoncé’s orders.
“Between the lot of them they managed to drink their way through more than $26,500-worth of booze in just a few hours,” the source said. (In related news: Bey’s backup dancers might be alcoholics.) “They got stuck in [the venue] as they knew they had a few days off afterwards. They were still in there at closing time at 4 a.m.”
Just as it’s inscribed in “The Bey-ble,” Genesis 2:1–3: And on the seventh day, Beyoncé had finished his work which he had made; and Beyoncé blessed the seventh day, because in it he had rested from all his work, proclaimed all was good, and made it holy. And it was so.
On Sunday, Beyoncé and all she created—traveling crew of the Mrs. Carter World Tour, me, you, Blue Ivy—rested. Amen.
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