Why Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth Won't End Their Engagement

Yesterday, there was a report of a new episode of “Intervention” that would center around desperate-cry-for-help Liam Hemsworth and his brood of movie star brothers because he’s addicted to a new drug tearing through the LA scene right now, known on the gritty streets as Miley Cyrus.
But before we even had a chance to DVR it, we’re hearing this morning it’s not going to air at all. Furthermore, let’s just say it was never even filmed, according to E! News.
Their insider—someone close to both families—says that Liam’s older siblings Chris Hemsworth and Luke Hemsworth have always been “very welcoming to the entire Cyrus family” and that the engagement is still on. It’s the first their source has ever heard of Chris and Luke wrestling Liam into a corner, while they try to shave off the depression accumulating in his facial region (that beard).

But just because someone looks like they’re falling off the deep end, wandering about Hollywood in a dark hoodie and mumbling to roving drug dealers, “Do you have any Miley?,” doesn’t mean he has a problem worthy of an intervention.
Of course, we can’t exactly blame his brothers for being extra protective and jumping to conclusions, what with Miley’s antics lately—waving her non-engagement ring wearing ring finger and top-butt all around the town like it’s the latest designer drug.
Don’t worry about Liam, though. He might look like he’s having withdrawals lately, but he’s getting his Miley fix.
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