Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver Getting Back Together?

We don’t know why…but we really care if Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver become a couple again. For a man who kept a massive secret hidden from his wife for 14 years, they have always been very friendly and amicable with one another.

But now, it’s gone from “friendly” to “playing grab a$$ at their daughter’s graduation.”
TMZ just posted a video (below) of Arnold trying to cop a feel while Maria talks on the phone and navigates a crowded college graduation.
Okay, it’s less of a butt-grab and more of a REALLY LOWER BACK caress.
But, hear us out. It’s been two years and they STILL haven’t gotten a divorce.
It’s either because they have so much money that neither needs a quick divorce OR it’s because they want to keep the option of getting back together on the table.
What if they both want to move on with new people? They can’t do that if they’re still technically married?
Some sources say that they both have love for the other, but another source says Arnold might have a low-key girlfriend.
Watch the video and tell us what YOU think?
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