Who Kristen Stewart Should Totally Date Next

Now that Rob Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are officially over, it’s time to look out at the sparkly horizon of potential mates we have lined up for KStew.
We’ve scoured Kristen’s non-existent eHarmony profile for clues, and to our totally qualified calculations (we’ve watched the Twilight series a minimum of 400 times), here’s the select five we think she’d have the most ~~chemistry~~ with. The kind that results in a happy hour date where a Natalie Cole song magically plays in the background just like the commercials.

Nicholas Hoult
He’s British, so she already speaks the language. He also avoids talking about his personal life with the press, so he also already speaks her language.
Ian Somerhalder
He’s a vampire who recently broke up with another vampire, so they can console each other by licking one another’s tears.
Jared Leto
He may be 41 now, but inside every Jared Leto there’s a Jordan Catalano just waiting to be dusted off like an old high school yearbook—a match made in flannel heaven.
Nathan Williams
He’s the lead singer of Los Angeles band Wavves and could be the grungy, slacker yin to Kristen’s low-key, maintenance-free yang.
Cara Delevigne
Never rule out a LiLo-SamRo relationship in Hollywood. If Kristen decided to take a romantic U-turn, Cara and Kristen could have a future together. She’s a free spirit with a IDGAF attitude and similar fashion sense.
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