Inside Amanda Bynes' Drug-Fueled Parties

In Touch, the same publication that Amanda Bynes threatened to sue sent actual paparazzi into Amanda’s NYC pad for a very bizarre photo shoot/drug party/tell-all.
 Photographer Giovanni Arnold and a man who only wants to be referred to as “Joe” dished on everything they witnessed while invited inside Amanda’s creepy drug den.
Keep in mind that Amanda was well aware that photos were being taken for the magazine, which makes everything so much weirder.
-“One minute she’s talking to you, the next she’s zoned out and not responding at all. She can’t hold a conversation. Mentally, she’s all over the place,” says Joe.
-Amanda was just lying on a bare mattress, “smoking a joint and obsessively refreshing her phone’s Twitter feed.” Amanda requested that the photographers film her while lying on the bare mattress.

-She also obsessively reapplied lip gloss and made that trout pout like she always does in pictures and danced for Giovanni in her bathroom while Joe snapped pictures.  
-The source adds that there was weed everywhere, just lying in bags or rolled into joints all over her apartment and her bed. The guys also said she was doing cocaine but Amanda told the magazine, “They’re the ones into drugs, so they bring drugs, but I don’t do them.”
-She made out with Giovanni and he recalls, “She said she wants to have her photos everywhere like Kim Kardashian and wants to have a baby like Kim. She said maybe I could be the father!” 

- Joe described her living room as “basically empty: She has two big purple chairs and a little dining room table, that’s it. [Some of her] windows are spray-painted black. There’s also a flat-screen TV mounted to the wall, but it doesn’t work because there are no wires connected.”
- She reportedly talked about losing weight the entire night. “She’s fixated” says Joe.
- Joe added, “I’ve hung out with Lindsay Lohan a few times, and they remind me of each other. They both don’t understand how the real world works, that it has rules.”
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