Bradley Cooper’s Internet Haters Keep Him Humble

Something we wouldn’t recommend to most people with an Internet connection is to take their haters too seriously.
Often the net can just be an echo chamber of negativity, but for Bradley Cooper and his modem, he manages to find a, well, silver lining. (Silver wiring? Whatever.)
Bradley basically gives an open invitation—an email cc'ed to all Internet trolls—that the next time he's nominated for an Oscar and he's feeling on top of the world, to get their keyboards ready. Because if you want to knock yourself off your own pedestal before someone else does, Bradley has a suggestion: Google yourself.

“Maybe if you start feeling a little too big for your britches, hop on the Internet and take a look at some message boards for five seconds,” he said in the latest issue of Details, of which he’s also on the cover.
“It's not something I do often, but if you do, it’ll take you right back down. Oh, my, God! First of all, let's be honest: It's incredibly narcissistic to do that and masochistic. You want to feel sh*tty about yourself. Boom—it's easy. To me this business [acting] is the ultimate humbling experience. You're constantly dealing with rejection. My journey has not been people kissing my a$$.”
Now, unless you’re famous, you probably don’t have random message boards concerning capital-Y “You” floating around online, but if it works for Bradley, it’s worth considering. He seems like a levelheaded guy.
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