6 Stars With Tattoos of Other Star’s Faces

Tattooing somebody's face on your body. It’s either an extreme declaration of love, or the dumbest decision of your life. Here are six celebs who got someone else’s face tattooed on their body.
Ryan Cabrera: This is arguably the most regrettable tattoo ever! Ryan Cabrera (remember him? He dated Ashlee Simpson for a minute) plays a game with his friends called “tattoo roulette” and the loser has to get a weird tattoo suggested by the winner. No exceptions. Ryan lost the game and ended up with a tattoo of RYAN GOSLING’S face on his leg.

Amber Rose: Amber Rose got her fiancé and baby daddy Wiz Khalifa’s face tatted on her arm. However, the artwork makes Wiz look stoned out of his mind. Not a good look. She also has her mom’s face inked on the other arm.

Megan Fox: Megan Fox has a tat of Marilyn Monroe’s face on her arm that she’s in the process of removing. It’s unclear why she got it in the first place, because she called the Marilyn tat a “negative character, as she suffered from personality disorders and was bipolar.” Soo…why’d you get it, Megz?

Chris Brown: Chris Brown has a tattoo of Rihanna’s beaten face on his neck, to remind him to never punch her again…we’re assuming. However, Chris and his reps will never admit that’s what it is. They claim it’s just a tattoo of a sugar skull associated with the Mexican celebration, the Day of the Dead.

Dean McDermott: This one came as a surprise to us, but clean-cut Dean McDermott has a tattoo of his wife, Tori Spelling wearing a bra on his bicep. It’s a very young Tori…by the way. She does NOT look like that anymore.

Carey Hart: P!nk’s husband Carey Hart got a tattoo of P!nk’s face on his arm, except it’s of P!nk’s face as if she were a skeleton and she’s wearing a fedora! Why do you want to see your wife as a dead person on your arm every day?! And why is she wearing a hat!?
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