Madonna Talks Bizarre Friendship With Kim Kardashian

If you can believe it, Madonna and Kim Kardashian are kind of friends. And they’ve been “kind of” friends for years!
When Madonna and Kim both went to the Met Gala earlier this month, Kim posted a photo of the two of them and we wondered what kind of favors Kris Jenner promised Madonna for appearing in the photo, but it turns out, Madonna has known Kim since she was a kid!
“I met her years and years ago when she was a little girl, believe it or not,” Madonna told "Extra."
What we can’t believe is how Madonna just revealed her age. “Years and years ago” when Kim was just a “little girl?” Well then, how old were you, Madge? What’s your angle?

“She told me she was a huge fan of mine and it was during the time I was wearing all of the rubber bracelets on my arms. I took off all of the bracelets and gave them to her and then I completely forgot about it. She reminded me when I saw her the other night. Now she’s a pregnant lady!”
Basically, Madonna realized that Kim K gets press just for having a uterus and Madonna needed some easy publicity so she linked up to the tabloid maven herself and BOOM we've fallen right into the trap. Well played, Madonna. Well played.
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