Ryan Gosling Ready For Fatherhood

Good news for those of us who were born ready to mother Ryan Gosling’s nest of adorable Goslingettes.
For those of us who’ve been preparing to just drop all them career plans and put your entire life on hold at a moment’s notice. Well, that very moment has arrived: Ryan is ready to have your babies.
Actors like Ryan do this thing in movies called acting. In his latest film The Place Beyond the Pines, during one scene in particular, he stopped performing when he became overcome with emotion while watching the fictional baptism of his baby co-star.

While watching his on-screen son be baptized, he couldn’t help but let that feeling spill over into the fantasy of a real plotline involving his own non-existent son.
"I didn't know that was going to happen. I was just sitting in the church watching a baby to be baptized, and I don't know why I was emotional, but I was," he confessed to Nuts magazine.
We’re used to seeing Ryan as a guarded but charismatic hitman or the small town inarticulate ventriloquist of your dreams on screen, but not as a normal regular father-type. It sounds like he’s a natural.
Now that he's reached this milestone in his personal emotional timeline, the only thing standing in the way of you and your nuclear family with Ryan Gosling is some girl he's dating named Eva Mendes...
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