Why Amanda Bynes Is Pushing Away Family

Amanda Bynes' behavior lately can be summed up non-elegantly as “crazy.” Yes, her tweets are bizarre. Yes, that video was unsettling. Yes, her wig and fashion statements are weird, but what we find most unnerving is the fact that it seems like her parents have completely abandoned her.
Amanda tweeted that she is not in contact with her parents, so we have no idea what they’ve tried to do to help her, so we spoke to a psychologist (who has not treated Amanda) as to WHY Amanda would possibly distance herself from her ‘rents, when she so clearly needs help.
“Isolation and becoming seclusion are major signs or something wrong psychiatrically,” Harvard Psychiatrist Helen M. Farrell tells Hollyscoop, “Often when people are depressed or having some sort of mood disorder or derailment from reality or using more drugs, they start to shun their family and start to isolate themselves.”

When Britney Spears had her infamous “meltdown,” her parents stepped in and forced her into a 5150 hold, which is basically committing someone to a psych ward against their will.
Here’s the thing with Amanda, she seriously believes she’s “doing nothing wrong.” She continually writes that phrase over-and-over on Twitter. So how do you get Amanda the help she needs when she doesn’t think she has a problem?
“There are very strict criteria to involuntarily hospitalize someone to a psychiatric unit. What needs to be proven is that there is a substantial disorder of mood, thought or perception that is impairing judgement and connection to reality. On top of that what needs to be shown is that there is an immediate danger to that person or those around them.”
It’s sad because Amanda isn’t far from fitting that criteria.
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