Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth: No More Wedding, No More Ring

If you thought the soothing “be cool” vibes of 4/20 might have mended Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth’s tumultuous relationship, well, it didn’t.
After news that Miley and Liam have postponed their wedding “indefinitely,” the latest dish is that Miley is no longer wearing her engagement ring. So, they are basically NOT engaged anymore is what we're saying.
Wait, are you trying to tell us that a 20-year-old who dresses like a little boy and loves marijuana more than life itself is not ready to get married?! Get out!
“Miley and Liam had another argument before the weekend and the engagement ring is off again,” a close pal of Miley’s told People.

Apparently Liam wants out of the relationship more than Miley does, because Miley is desperately clinging to the idea of them as she’s reportedly “crazy about him.”
“They don’t want to get married until they figure out their problems. But Miley is very worried about losing Liam. She is crazy about him,” adds the source.
Blarrgghgh, uggh just tell us when they break up for good!
Also, Miley has been posting HELLA photos this weekend, like with her fashion friends and with her hair stylist and her ring finger is completely bare.
Our only question is: What are they fighting about!? Can the “source” dish about that, plz? KTHNXBAI
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