Is Amanda Bynes Getting Her Life Back Together?

If you’re following Amanda Bynes on Twitter, you’re probably aware of the latest pop culture battle that is Amanda Bynes vs. Everyone.
She’s on a crusade against media outlets that negatively report on her new makeover, fighting fire with fire, 140 characters at a time.
Now it seems she’s adopted a new strategy by turning over a new leaf, in this instance anyway.
Yesterday, the polarizing actress posed with an excited fan in New York City. She was smiling, not twerking. She tweeted a photo of their meeting with only punctuated-by-an-exclamation-point things to say. She wore a white hoodie and black sweatpants, which is promising for the direction of her fashion line considering black-and-white is so on trend right now.
In other words, Amanda was interacting with society in no “controversial” way whatsoever. The only semi-offensive act was her criminal choice to wear exposed white socks in Mark Zuckerberg flip-flops, but you can't get your entire life back together overnight. However, her attention to Twitter compliments and this latest display of fan affection shows she's living in positivity and nothing's going to get her down.
Amanda was back to tweeting about her knight-in-shining armor, Drake and taking those contentious selfies in no time, but in the interim, this felt like a breath of fresh air. Kill 'em with kindness, Amanda!
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