Lindsay Lo-Down: Sober At Coachella, No Rehab Chosen

Lindsay Lohan was reportedly stone cold sober at Coachella, she hasn’t picked out a rehab center yet, AND she’s not demanding bringing Adderall as was previously reported.
This all according to Lindsay herself and her lawyer Mark Heller. So, believe it or don’t believe it.
Coachella: Lindsay, who is known for her truthiness of course, was stopped by TMZ while shopping in Malibu and they asked her if she drank at Coachella.
Lindsay’s answer?
They asked her what she drank and she said “water.”

Wow, that’s some real investigative journalism there. You can watch the video below.
Rehab: Lindsay was previously reported to be checking into a rehab center in the Hampton’s, but her lawyer Mark Heller says no decisions have been made and that Lindsay has her eye on the Betty Ford Clinic near Palm Springs.

Adderall: Lindsay reportedly told her friends that she would not go to rehab if they tried to take away her precious Adderall, which she apparently needs to live.
However, you can’t take Adderall into rehab and now Mark Heller is on the defensive, telling people that Lindsay would NEVER demand anything.
“She has not, nor would she be poised to, mandate any type of requirements. Nor has she directed me [to a facility that permits] her to use any types of substances such as Adderall."
Lindsay Lohan -- Sober Coachella ... Mission Accomplished - Watch More Celebrity Videos or Subscribe
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