5 Fantasies We Have About Ryan Gosling

In The Place Beyond the Pines, Ryan Gosling plays a stunt motorcyclist who robs banks to provide for the son he just discovered he had (awwww, law breaking for a good cause) and Gosling just admitted that he was happy to film those scenes because he’s always fantasized about robbing a bank.
While Gosling may fantasize about robbery, we have entirely different Gosling fantasies. Here are our top 5:
1)   Gosling shows up as the arresting officer when we get caught robbing a bank and has to search our body to “make sure we aren’t concealing any weapons.”
2)   We order takeout from the Chinese restaurant down the street and the delivery boy is…wait for it…Gosling. And he’s shirtless.
3)   Gosling never complains when we ask if he wants to go to the farmer’s market with us and after we pick up some organic Tuscan kale he proposes that we “think about adopting a rescue dog together.” OMG!
4)   We accidentally eat a charmed fortune cookie that causes us to switch bodies with Eva Mendes and then we husband the crap out of Ryan, even though we have to live in Mendes’ body forever, but it’s not a bad deal, because she’s pretty hot.
5)   Gosling saves us from nearly getting hit by a taxi in NYC (because we weren’t looking in the right direction) and Ryan just happened to be passing by and stopped us from crossing the street and walking to our death. Oh and then we go get dinner and fall in love and tell all our friends that “crazy” way that we met. “You’ll never believe it! He saved me from getting hit by a taxi!”

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