Beyoncé and Jay-Z Music’s First Billionaire Couple

Watch The Throne. Bow Down.
Those are no longer just the names of their albums and songs. They’re executive orders sent directly down from the highest tower of Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s palace, delivered across their kingdom by a series of marathon messengers, announcing themselves as music’s first billionaire couple.
Make that Bey-llionaire-Zs.
The International Business Times took the lead on counting up all that cash, officiating them as the latest members of The $,$$$,$$$,$$$ Club.
Jay on his own has a net worth of $500 million, earnings made from a portfolio of lucrative businesses—co-founding the Roc Nation music label, co-ownership of the 40/40 nightclub, co-creator of fashion label Rocawear, former CEO of Def Jam, and his shares with the Brooklyn Nets.
It’s Bey’s speeding bullet train of a year that’s launching them into the billionaire stratosphere.

Make way and get comfortable for the caravan of riches included in her procession, because this is going to take a while...
Here comes the approximately $116 million Beyoncé’s expected to reign in from her "Mrs. Carter" World Tour alone.
Here's L'Oréal, Tommy Hilfiger, most recently H&M and Gucci, and every global fashion and beauty giant she's linked to as a brand ambassador.
Now wave at her 2 breasts covered in gold.
Followed close behind by the 75 million records she's already sold worldwide, both from her solo career and the Destiny's Child catalog.
Her 17 Grammy Awards sound measly by comparison, huh?
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