Kristen Drives Crappy Truck, While Rob Flies Solo

We get it, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are super cool hipsters that are filthy rich, but would rather wear thrift store T-shirts and act like street urchins, because that’s “cool” and “ironic” or whatever.

But KStew is taking this whole “I hate fame” thing seriously. She drives an old beat-up blue Toyota truck when she can afford to buy every car in Los Feliz. Probably.
Yep, that’s KStew taking a solo drive around LA in that common-folk car. Yeesh.

But where was Rob? Out pawning off Twilight memorabilia for cash like a regular person? Nope, he was running far away from Kristen.
Not intentionally, we assume, they’ve been attached at the hip in recent weeks, but Rob was spotted looking rather glum as he arrived at the Delta terminal at LAX solo on Sunday.
Maybe he was so sad-looking because he missed Kristen. Awww waaaa.
In related news, Kristen wasn’t wearing her seatbelt!
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