Britney Spears Is A Hot Mess At Son’s Soccer Game

Look at this photo of Britney Spears eating Cheez-Its, holding her dog like a purse, and catching flies in her mouth.
Can you believe this is the same woman who once wore a schoolgirl outfit and posed on magazine covers next to words like “sexy” and “hot?”
 Okay, so here’s Bertany Spears looking like a hot mess at her son’s soccer game. We went through every photo for this set and TRIED to find one with her mouth closed, but such a photo doesn’t exist.

Also, look at her dog; even Fluffy is a hot mess. Is the dog drunk? What’s the deal?
Second order of business: Britney is wearing a Star of David necklace too, which is officially her third attempt at religion.

She entered the fame game as a Christian. Then she tried to be like Madonna and got into Kabbalah but went back to Christianity. Then when she was with Adnan Ghalib she was spotted wearing a Star of David necklace and now, years later, she’s wearing the necklace again.
So, Britney is all over the place. Spiritually and snackually.
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