Kim Kardashian's Court Victory Against Kris Humphries

If this minor Kim Kardashian victory foreshadows the future, then it's a good omen for her divorce proceedings from Kris Humphries.

Kris is demanding that Kim unveil various emails she sent from closed accounts, but the reality TV star came out on top this morning…for now.

Kim, by way of her lawyer Laura Wasser, objected to this particular demand—to reveal Kim's "personal writings"—in court. Kris' camp is formally bringing this issue up on May 2, but they wanted the judge to hear it today.

But that's not going to happen, the judge isn't hearing it any earlier.

TMZ is reporting that regardless, it's still a loss for Kris even if he wins overall.

If the judge requires that Kim turn the emails over per his motion on May 2, she'd have "10 days to deliver the goods," writes TMZ. "By then the divorce case [on May 6] will be over."

However, that's a fine line, all of which relies on the word "relevant."

Kris' team will most likely push the argument that if they're extraneous documents with nothing to hide, then why hide them?

Kim's team will acknowledge her right to privacy, probably. (Yes, Kim still believes in privacy, surprisingly.)

If the judge does find these emails in question to be significant to the divorce case, then there's still a chance that the trial could be postponed to a later date in lieu of new evidence and in order to accommodate it.
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