Inside Christina Aguilera's New $10 Million Mansion

t's moving day for Christina Aguilera.

The "Dirrty" singer just bought a siiiiiiick mansion at the celebrity pocket change price of 1 trillion pennies—also known as $10 million.

The 11,000-square-foot pad of dreams is located on Mulholland Estates, which is near Beverly Hills, naturally. The residence is typically grand, while also a little bit rustic, and a little old-fashioned. It's not modest, but its courtyards (yes, plural) are a comforting sight.

Get out your Christina Aguilera's New House Checklist and let's start counting off…

– 6 bedrooms
– 8 bathrooms
– 1 library
– 1 bar
– 1 screening room
– 1 saltwater pool
– 1 spa
– 1 gazebo
– 1 bathhouse

Christina's a highly decorated recording artist, so she's earned every room.

Xtina is actually downsizing, she just sold her more expensive $13.5 million home, previously owned by the Osbournes. She wanted something with one or two less bed and baths, you know? Something quaint.

Also on the checklist…

– 1 Charlie Sheen neighbor

The price tag also comes with a bonus (depending on your outlook of Sheen); Charlie is the resident celebrity of the neighborhood.

We doubt she'll be telling him to "Come On Over" any time soon, but if she does ever ring his doorbell to borrow a cup of sugar, just make sure it's sugar and not another powdery white substance.
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