Justin Bieber's Morph Into Miley Cyrus Continues

The descent continues.

Justin Bieber's new haircut has been both embraced by hardcore fans and ridiculed with Drake Bell-levels of criticism, but whatever your own personal opinion, one thing is certain: Justin is just bein' Miley.

Everything the teen pop star and his hair does becomes a national sensation for citizens under the age of 15. The trendy undercut adopted by the likes of Skrillex to Rihanna looks strikingly similar to Miley Cyrus', who seems to be having her own existential implosion these days. And as Britney Spears taught us years ago, there's nothing more cathartic than a drastic haircut.

Justin recently debuted his half-shaved locks over the weekend and we gotta say, the more we stare into his hair's soul, the more we're really beginning to think he's having an identity crisis. If his recent antics were Dr. Jekyll, his new hair is Mr. Hyde.

The crown of his head though is left longer, looking like a throwback to when he first showed up on the scene with shaggy bangs more flippable than a L'Oreal commercial.

Like Miley, he just wants to have the best of both worlds: his squeaky clean pop days from when everyone loved him and an edgier, more experimental career.
Needless to say, we can't wait for the Justin twerking in a unicorn onesie YouTube video.
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