Is Ke$ha Hooking Up With Harry Styles?

Stop everything you are doing. Harry Styles and Ke$ha are…texting! Not sexting. Just texting. You know, like, “sup” and “ r U going 2 da MTV Movie Awards?” and other textie stuff like that.
But everyone knows in our post-social media world that texting is the new “first base” followed by second base (stalking their ex online) and third base (leaving voicemails), so it’s only natural to assume that Ke$ha and Harry will be “dating” in a few weeks.
But this IS Ke$ha the glitter monster and Harry the cougar lover, so we’re assuming this will be more along the lines of a sloppy-hook-up-after-some-music-awards-show.
“We’ve texted here and there,” Ke$ha told E! News, “No sexting – not yet. Maybe he can be my cougar bait.”
Ulch. Harry is 19 and Ke$ha is 26 and even though Harry has more game than Leonardo DiCaprio on a yacht filled with French supermodels, this would be the messiest pairing ever.
“It could be really fun,” says Ke$ha desperately.
This isn’t the first time the blonde songstress has spoken publicly about her love for the too-young boy bander. She previously revealed that he was “pretty cute.”
So anyways, Ke$ha and Harry will be spotted leaving a London club together in a few weeks, unless Johnny Depp gets to her first, because remember they had “eyeball sex” because that is definitely not a fake thing.
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