Crazy Stalker Throws Pubic Hair at Hugh Jackman

Here's a celebrity stalker that even has other celebrity stalkers calling for private security and running the opposite direction.

A woman threw her pubes at Hugh Jackman.

The crazy female fan, Kathleen Thurston, showed up to Gotham Gym with an equally crazy purpose: to get her shaved Wolverines as close to Wolverine as possible.

When the 47-year-old blond entered the facilities she was already a cause for alarm. It's no surprise to see random citizens crying in New York City at 8 a.m. (all that stress!), but this was different. She was "hysterically sobbing as she slipped past the check-in desk," according to The New York Post, who spoke with Mike Castle, a trainer there.

Once within a comfortable pubic-hair-throwing distance from the star, Kathleen screamed "I love you!" then launched a dirty electric razor filled with her own pubic hair at Hugh because stalkers be stalkin', yo.

The actor, thinking she may have been reaching for a concealed gun or knife, quickly retreated when he saw her put her hand down her pants. Hugh may be a perpetually flexed bicep in human form, but he's no man of steel. Pubic hairs are his kryptonite.

She was detained by gym staffers, but foiled their capture, making a run for it down the street. Cops eventually caught her a few blocks away and arrested her.

Apparently, Kathleen is the celebrity's Pubic Enemy #1. This wasn't her first time uncomfortably approaching the Aussie. She had previously shown up at the home he shares in the Village with his wife Deborra-Lee Furness. She was also seen outside their daughter's elementary school.
You can now spot Kathleen in the Unofficial Celebrity Stalkers Hall of Fame, because this act was particularly insane.
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