Chris Hemsworth Still Excited for Liam and Miley Wedding

Nothing comes between family. Even opinions about whether an older sibling thinks their younger sibling is rushing to the altar too soon.

Chris Hemsworth, known officially on his IMDb page as Thor and Liam Hemsworth's older brother, shared that very sentiment about a year ago. There have been some major new developments since (that ring on and off Miley Cyrus' finger for one) and now it appears that Chris has offered a new take on the situation.

Chris and his wife Elsa Pataky were at the Inaugural Oceana Ball in New York last night. Marriage looks really good on them after all, so why not his younger brother/clone Liam?

"We just want them to live a happy life," Chris said when asked about the upcoming nuptials.

"We're very excited," his wife Elsa Pataky also stated of the wedding. "We don't want to get too much into their personal life. We just want them to be happy."

Neither exactly confirmed that the tie-the-knot date is still on given the rocky status of Miley and Liam's road to the altar, but let's mince words here since we have some free time—those three little words: "We're very excited."

Now why would someone be very excited about something—a television show, a dinner reservation, a wedding, anything!—if it's no longer in existence. Do you say "We're very excited" about watching an upcoming episode of HBO's "Enlightenment" after already hearing it's cancelled? No, you'd be crying while deleting every episode saved on your DVR.
Do you tell the waiter "We're very excited" to order the seafood special at the restaurant you cancelled reservations for hours before? No, because you wouldn't be talking to the waiter—you're not at the restaurant.

Do you announce "We're very excited" to attend your little brother's wedding knowing full well it's off? Unless you're in fact just "very excited" to not have to write out and memorize a toast for the wedding reception, then exactly.
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