Farrah Abraham Is A P*rn Actress Now

Farrah Abraham, the teen mom who got a boob job before it was cool for teen moms to get boob jobs, is currently stuck in the middle of a raunchy sex tape scandal. She reportedly filmed a sex tape with p*rn star James Deen, the same p*rn star who “acted” opposite Lindsay Lohan in The Canyons.
However, it’s NOT a sex tape, it’s basically a LEGIT p*rn film. She’s just a p*rn actress now, and here’s how we know why.
So what’s the difference between a sex tape and p*rn? Well, we’re not exactly p*rn experts, but a sex tape is usually used to describe something that you film for free and it leaks to the public, but a regular old p*rn is something you get paid to film, p*rn star style.

Farrah and James were spotted walking hand-in-hand to the offices of XXX company Vivid Entertainment BEFORE they filmed the so-called “sex tape.”
James said he and Farrah are NOT dating but that he likes to hold hands with his co-stars before the “act” to make them feel comfortable. Ok, whatever.
They also got “tested” for STDs and the like. P*rn industry standards.
Also, James told TMZ, “I’ve been told by the company who commissioned the video not to talk about it. I don’t know what happened, because I think they were going to pass it off as a sex tape, but then some people saw us coming out of [Vivid] together and they were like, ‘what are you doing?’ and I was like, ‘Making a p*rn!’”

Companies don’t “commission” sex tapes! They are filmed after a few drinks and some poor judgment! Farrah, you got hired to make a p*rn, quit acting like someone stole your homemade sex tape!
Anyways, Farrah is livid that her poorly constructed plan to “leak a sex tape” was uncovered, so she pulled the victim card like a proper Hollywood starlet and lashed out at James Deen on Twitter.
“You know what I’ve learned James Deen is a disrespectful women hater, hopefully he gets more famous like he wanted, #Pathetic #Liar,” Farrah wrote.
Oy, calm down Farrah and just accept the fact that you’re a porn star now. Besides, James said you were a “fantastic” actress.
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