Amanda Bynes Escorted Out of Hair Salon by Police

Amanda Bynes is SO crazy now, that she needs police escorts to exit a hair salon.
Who are they protecting exactly? Protecting Amanda from the public or vice versa?
Amanda recently complained that the hairstylist, who died her hair blonde, completely fried it and she ended up shaving her head and getting extensions. So that hair you see on her head is 100% false. Poor thing.
“I had to shave my head because of hair damage from someone @ John Barrett,” Amanda tweeted.
So, she visited a different salon to get a blowout and after staying in the salon for four hours (a little long for a blowout, no?) she finally left with the help of two police officers.
It’s not clear WHY she needed the escort, but the salon told that they called police to come man the door while Amanda exited. #FirstWorldProblems
Not only that, but the stylist says Amanda seemed high on something.
“I don’t know what she was on exactly, but she was definitely on something,” says the stylist.
“I feel sorry for her,” she added.
So Amanda shaves her head, gets blowouts for four hours, needs TWO police escorts, and appears to be drugged-out.
Amanda also posted photos from her hair session on Twitter, like THIS one with her hair wet, her glasses still on, and her lips doing that duck face thing she likes so much.
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