Robert Pattinson Buys Kristen Stewart’s Bizarre $30K Gift

Nothing in Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart’s life makes any sense. They have more money than God and Tom Cruise combined, but they wear the same ratty T-shirts and worn out Converse tennis shoes. Oh, but on Kristen’s birthday he shelled out $30,000 for a pen.
A freaking pen. He bought her a pen for her 23rd birthday.
“Hey babe, we’ve been together for basically 5 years and I have the most money in Hollywood, so I’m obviously going to give you an amazing birthday gift. Nope, don’t tell me what you want for your birthday; because I already bought it…I got you a pen! What do you mean, ‘a pen!?’ It’s a pen for writing? Why are you mad? Roses? A ring? I got you a pen! Everybody needs to write! I don’t understand why you’re so upset about this…” – Robert Pattinson, probably.
“Kristen has always collected pens, and has a variety of stylish ones. Rob decided to go big for her birthday this year and brought her a limited edition white gold Tibaldi Bentley Crewe fountain pen,” a source told The Sun.
Rob had it engraved with “Kristen Stewart 2013. From R.”

How cute.
Apparently, there are only 40 pens like it in the world, so it’s *~*special*~*
The source also added, WAYY down at the bottom of the story that Rob asked Kristen to move back in with him.
Here’s why we don’t believe this. Last we checked, Rob didn’t have anywhere to live and Kristen has a huge Los Feliz mansion…so why would Rob ask her to move in with HIM! She should ask him! Nothing makes sense! We hate pens!
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