Amanda Bynes Daily: Has A Friend, Parents Try To Reach Out

Now that Amanda Bynes is keeping busy and we’re trying to avoid turning into, we’ll bring you her daily antics in one wrap-up post a day, so when she tweets, posts a photo, or wanders around NYC in a new wig, you can read about it here.
Last we checked on Ms. Bynes, she got a blowout in NY to tame her weave, she was spotted talking/laughing/walking with a friend, and her parents have reportedly “reached out to help” Amanda, but she won’t let them.
Amanda was spotted in NY walking to the hair salon with her wig looking like Rihanna after a night at Greystone Manor. After she emerged from the salon, her blonde tresses were blown out into silky straight strands.
But what's most notable about this outing is that she was spotted with a friend! Amanda hasn't been seen with anyone in DAYS, let alone a blonde chick who might be her buddy. Oh but wait, the paparazzi who took the photos says that "blonde friend" met Amanda outside her apartment, walked with her to an ATM, took the cash from Amanda and then walked away without Amanda. Friend or drug dealer? Hmmm...

This is borderline "normal" behavior for the troubled star, in comparison to her video yesterday and her rant on Twitter which has us wondering why her parents aren’t trying to help her!
Oh, but wait, Radar Online (whose parent company is National Enquirer, keep that in mind) is reporting that Amanda’s parents have tried to help her but she won’t let them.
Amanda’s parents Lynn and Rick insist that they are legally “powerless to do anything.”
Really? Because when Britney was going crazy, they put her in a 5150 hold, which technically doesn’t exist outside California but NY must have other forms of involuntary psychiatric holds? We’re a gossip blog, not a doctor! It must exist, right!?
“Amanda’s mom has tried to get her help in the past, but she absolutely refuses to accept it,” adds the source.
Well, they’re obviously not trying hard enough or they haven’t watched her latest “sucking on a sour patch kid” video.
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