Shia LaBeouf and His Girlfriend Look Miserable Together

Here’s Shia LaBeouf and his girlfriend, actress Mia Goth, looking like a Hallmark card ideal of true love.
C’mon guys, let’s try and look like you care about each other a little bit.
Not only do Shia and Mia hate their lives, they are also dressing exactly alike now. Blue hoodies and denim jackets. Haute. It’s like their fashion reflects the empty bargain basements in their hearts.
Here they are later in the day, enjoying some coffees. Or NOT enjoying their coffees, depending on what kind of face you think Mia is making.

This is just the latest in a string of depressing outings for the couple.
A few days ago, they went out on a date to Olive Garden! We LOVE Olive Garden, when you're there YOU’RE ALWAYS FAMILY, but movie star Shia LaBeouf could have sprung for some better dining options.
Also, it’s clear Mia wasn’t happy with his culinary tastes, because she was spotted making the same disgusted face while they were leaving the restaurant.
Maybe that’s just how her face looks?
Mia only has one IMDb credit to her name, so she's probably a model or p*rnstar turned actress. She and Shia met while filming their new movie Nymphomaniac where she and Shia reportedly have NOT fake sex. So yeah, she's a p*rnstar.

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