Is Jennifer Aniston Changing Her Name?

Everyone has that one friend who's just unlucky in love. The one who at the end of every weekday leaves her perfect office at her perfect job to return to her perfect apartment with her perfect ottoman, yet somehow her profile continues to pair her with all the wrong guys.

For America, that one friend is Jennifer Aniston. Oh, poor Jen...

Or rather was poor Jen. With her engagement to Justin Theroux, the actress is finally stepping out from the dark heart-shaped shadow of every romantic comedy character she's ever portrayed. Homegurl is officially getting the love our generation's online dating commercials promise—sharing sushi over intellectual/hella flirty conversations about the sequester with a guy who has killer facial hair while Natalie Cole songs blare in the background.
Next move in Jennifer's girl next door forever status? Officially changing her surname and using it professionally.

Except unlike most of us, she needs to enlist the advisement of her legal counsel, which is typical for stars who've built brands around their names.
"Jen has been consulting her therapist and management team about the implications of becoming 'Jennifer Theroux' professionally," a source tells Grazia.

See, when a recognized entertainment figure thinks about changing their name it's akin to a major multi-billion dollar merger. Like Jennifer Aniston is marrying Cingular or something. She's going to need the FCC and Justice Department to make sure this union is fair for all involved—Jennifer, Justin, Team Jennifer, the inevitable People magazine cover that'll publish the exclusive wedding photos.

"Jen feels her name is no longer her own, but synonymous with a whole heap of baggage associated with her personal life. She wants a fresh start and she also wants the world to know how madly in love she is with Justin."

This sentiment isn't totally uncommon in the industry. Stars who've successfully changed their names on their IMDbs without causing mass confusion include Jada Pinkett-Smith or once-upon-a-timers Rebecca Romijn-Stamos and Robin Wright-Penn.
How's "Jennifer Aniston-Theroux" looking to all of you? Are we feeling it? We all on board? Or would it leave you super confused, like if Reese Witherspoon's next movie said it was starring Reese Toth?

"It's a big thing for Jennifer to do," the source adds. "She needs to take advice on whether it would affect her from a business point of view."

Some of that advice could come from someone right within her social circle: (former) Courtney Cox-Arquette. After all there was that one adorable episode of "Friends" following Courtney's marriage where "Arquette" was tagged onto every cast member's name in the opening title sequence (in related news, I watch way too much "Friends").

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