See Amanda Bynes' Drastic Makeover

Amanda Bynes continues her descent into the very deep end of her celebrity status, a scary place where cracked out makeup and bad weaves dwell apparently.

When you thought she couldn't shame spiral any further, Amanda shows off a new eyebrow raising look with a Twitter photo more head scratching than the curly wig she's wearing, the same kind people get tricked into buying at mall kiosks across the U.S.A. Either she got dressed for a lunch date with Gucci Mane or this photo makes absolutely no sense.

If a Twitpic says a single word, hers is accompanied with the caption, "Wink ;)".

But if a picture says a thousand words, then this one goes something like, "Check out the latest products I shoplifted from Sephora gonna take a nap now Zzzzz zZZZz z Zzz..."

Some interesting details worth noting for all the fashionistas in the house: a Trapstar beanie, her translucent dagger nails, some lip-gloss probably purchased from your local Party City, homegurl's cheeky Monroe piercing. Also notice how she's making the lazy eye a trend for the spring season. Amanda Bynes: retired actress, professional trailblazer.

It's not certain what inspired Amanda's change of wardrobe. Rihanna? Nicki Minaj? A Bratz doll? Or is she just auditioning for a role in the inevitable "Spring Breakers 2"? Because I think she nailed it here.

So many questions, so little answers from your new style icon.
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