Video: Out of Control Paparazzi Crashes Into Nicole Kidman

Woah, this is a freaky video. A paparazzo on a bike is speeding down the sidewalk like his breaks don’t work, slams head first into Nicole Kidman and knocks her straight to the ground.
In the video, Nicole is completely knocked over and a bunch of other paparazzi run over, except they don’t help her at all, they just take pictures of her fall. It’s really sad, actually.

Then Nicole starts shouting at the dude about a lawsuit and the paparazzi is just like, “Oh my god, I’m so sorry,” and then Nicole disappears back into the Carlyle Hotel in NYC.
An ambulance arrived at the scene to check on Nicole, but apparently she was more shaken up than injured.
The crashing photog was cited up by police for illegally riding his bike on the sidewalk, but it’s unclear if Nicole will actually press charges.
 After the incident she had to go straight to an event and told E! News, "I was shaken up but I'll deal with it later," adding the ominous plug, "luckily I got up, but there will be a time when someone does not."
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