+18 Gwyneth Paltrow Planning A Third Baby?

Is Gwyneth Paltrow considering having a third kid?!
Yeah, she kind of is.
“I would love to,” Gwyneth told Marie Claire.
Ok, but where’s the BUT…?
“…but I don’t know if I could start changing nappies again. Also, when my son was born I had terrible depression. It was strange because with my eldest [Apple] it didn’t happen, I was super-happy. But with Moses, it took me a year to get out of the hole.”
So that’s a, “I would love more kids but I hate diapers and post-partum depression more.”
Gwyn says daughter Apple and son Moses is enough for now, saying that parenting is getting harder as the kids get older.
“Last night, I was talking about that with my husband, it gets more complicated. The problems are getting more serious and I notice that they need me more now than even when they were very little. My daughter, for example, who is super-intelligent, asks me [tough] questions! I feel I have to constantly be by her side.”

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