Too Drab: What the Heck Are They Wearing?!

This week, some of our favorite starlets should've been arrested by the fashion police for their style crimes! Donning a furry diaper, wearing a sweater skirt during summer, and forgetting your pants are all major offenses.

Rita Ora (center) looked like she was already behind bars in her black and white jumpsuit. Was she inspired by The Hamburglar?

Miley Cyrus (left and right) committed not one, but two fashion faux pas. The "outfit" on the left resembled something a baby would wear ... or a hooker. The second one on the right was just a big-ole mess!

Can you guess who the other fashion offenders were? Click the “Launch Gallery” link above to see which actress stepped out without pants, and which young pop star hit the stage looking more ready to milk a cow than the audience.
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