Stars Who Don’t Know Their 15 Minutes is Up

Honey Boo Boo. Courtney Stodden. Farrah Abraham. These are just some of the “stars” (this term used VERY loosely) who unfortunately shot to “fame” for being a redneck, marrying young and getting pregnant. But like all bad good things, their pop relevance has come to an end.
But these 6 “talents” keep parading around Hollywood like they still matter and nobody has the heart to tell them that their 15 minutes is up.
So, we’re gonna be the ones to do it. Listen up, you guys, your time is up. Do a season of “Dancing With the Stars” while you still can and retire. Ding ding ding, that’s the sound of your 15 minutes being over!
Honey Boo Boo: Honey Boo Boo’s mom June just announced that Honey Child, or whatever the heck the Honey Boo Boo kid is named, is no longer competing in pageants. Did anyone think she still was? Is anyone following the Boo Boo family anymore? What are their real names? Sorry, guys, we’re glad TLC gave you a huge paycheck, but we’re kind of sick of the redneckery.
Paris Hilton: Paris Hilton never really DID anything, but from 2005-2007 she was EVERYTHING for whatever reason. Skinny girls with small dogs were super trendy back then, but now we’re kind of OVER Paris. Maybe if she got married or learned a trade we MIGHT care. The days of socialites are over. The Kardashians just got lucky.
JWoww & The Situation: For whatever reason, Snooki went from “reality star” to full-fledged cultural icon. People LOVE Snooki but somehow JWoww and Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino couldn’t make the same transition. JWoww, we GET that you’re besties with Snooki, but your time is sadly up.
Farrah Abraham: Farrah was the only pregnant teen to gain any sort of celeb recognition ONLY because she filmed a p*rn. It’s not that she’s a star, people just love p*rn. Then she got rejected by Charlie Sheen and Playboy and honestly that’s more than enough reasons to know you’re time is up.
Courtney Stodden: Oh gawd, this “star” should have expired before we even learned her name. Courtney Stodden is “famous” for marrying a struggling actor when she was 16 and dressing like a p*rn star. We’re actually helping her popularity rise by writing this story. Dammit!
Stacy Keibler: Stacy Keibler is ONLY a household name because she dated George Clooney. Well, guess what, they broke up. Look what happened to George’s previous girlfriend Elisabetta Canalis? She disappeared, it’s a fact. Stacy, sorry 'bout it, but there’s a Bermuda Triangle of Clooney exes that you will disappear in as well.

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