Zac Efron’s Steamy Three Way Revealed

Here’s a story to jumpstart your humpday blues. Zac Efron likes three-ways.
So, the sometimes-factual Star magazine has an interview with two girls that claim that Zac Efron tried to get them to have a ménage a trois with him.
First of all, what dude DOESN’T want to sleep with two chicks at the same time? But we dig this story because it involves Zac and him being a sloot!
According to some fame-seeker named Cadence Anne (which is the most stripper-y sounding name since Destinee Hope) said Zac and an actual stripper named “Lisa” tried to get her to have a threesome.
“[Lisa] called me and asked if I wanted to meet her and Zac at a local pub,” Viola tells the mag, “I got there early in the afternoon and they were already pretty wasted. Soon, Zac started making flirty comments to me, telling me I was ‘beautiful,’ and making [Lisa] jealous.”
OMG this is so scandalous and just SCREAMS “that blonde chick from San Diego who said Ashton Kutcher cheated on Demi Moore with her.”
What is it with basic blonde chicks claiming to sleep with celebs? Oh cuz it’s true? Whatever!
Anyways, the saga continues.
The girl says she was sitting on the bed in Zac’s hotel room after they all left the bar and, “that’s when he said we should cuddle. He then tried to push me and Lisa together like we should kiss. It was pretty clear what he wanted.”
The not-stripper Cadence wanted to make it clear that she did NOT engage in coitus with Zac or real-stripper Lisa.
Then this other chick named Viola Wallace (less stripper sounding) basically recounted a nearly IDENTICAL story about how Zac and Lisa (her, again?) tried to get Viola into bed with them during a trip to a cabin in the woods, which we’re not convinced isn’t just the opening scene of a really crappy horror film.
Btw, that's Cadence on the left and Viola on the right. Real nice girls.

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