Watch Bruce Jenner Rip Into Jimmy Fallon for Face-Lift Jokes

Bruce Jenner had the last laugh on Jimmy Fallon’s late night talk show—even if you couldn’t tell because of all his plastic surgery.
On yesterday’s episode, before Jimmy even had a chance to get a word in edgewise, Bruce was quick to confront the host about all the jokes he’s made at his face’s expense.
(Backstory: Last summer, in London, the two apparently crossed paths and Bruce confronted Jimmy telling him to “stop saying sh*t about my face.”)
That’s what made this face-to-lifted-face interview that much more awkward, however, Jimmy took it in stride and it made for a pretty funny segment.

Some revenge comedy was on Bruce’s mind when he turned the desks on the late night host and highlighted three unflattering images of Jimmy. He continued to give Jimmy a hard time when he called the host “a wimp” and that approaching him in London last summer to give him a piece of his mind was “the greatest way to end the games.”
“You basically manhandled me the whole interview,” Jimmy said, “so, yeah, if you call that bonding, then yeah, we’ve bonded.”
Watch it all here…
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