Paris Hilton Takes Credit for Kim Kardashian’s Success

Before Kim Kardashian was the Kim Kardashian We Write About 25 Times On This Site Per Day, she was the girl who stood next to Paris Hilton.
“Oh, what’s your name?” America wondered. To which Paris would immediately chime in and say, “It’s a Kim.”
Fast forward a millennia later and Kim has graduated from being Paris’ play toy. She has a popular reality television show where we were shocked to learn that she speaks. Kim practically has her name on practically everything now—an empire of weight-loss endorsements, memoirs, clothing, anything under the sun you can put a barcode on.
These days, she’s dominating headlines with her pregnancy, expecting a baby girl with Kanye West, but none of that has come between her and Paris.
“I’m so happy for her,” Paris told "Entertainment Tonight" at the LA premiere of The Bling Ring. “I’m happy for all my friends. I always wish everyone the best. It’s important in life, it’s important for good karma and I’m so happy to help anyone out.”
Kim may no longer be in the Hilton shadow, but it sounds like Paris still takes a little credit for her once upon a time protégé.

Naturally, though, she only wishes Kim the best for her future, adding that Kim’s “always wanted a little princess” and that she can’t wait to see what kinds of outfits she’ll dress her up in. “It’s going to be a beautiful baby.”
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