See Pam Anderson’s Scandalous Banned TV Ad

So, Pam Anderson “stars” (can you “star” in a commercial?) in this new UK commercial that is basically p*rn.
We’re not even sure what the spot is advertising, but it features Pam and some other “adult film” looking woman wearing metallic bathing suits, bouncing around and getting milk thrown at them.
For starters, anyone with breast implants from the late '80s should be banned, just in life. Those things are honestly like hard-as-rock chest tumors at this point.
If you sit through the entire commercial, you'll learn that the ad is apparently for a company that sells domain names, AKA a very boring thing.
So, maybe they were trying to go the route, whose Super Bowl commercial featured a nerd making out with a hot chick, as a way to generate interest. 
Regardless, the commercial was banned by the UK’s Advertising Standards Authority for being overtly sexual.
Oh, did we mention that Pam is wearing a “business lady” suit before she disrobes for the sexy part. They basically just stole ANY script from ANY p*rn. 
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