Amanda Bynes’ Ex-Boyfriend Tells All

Doug Reinhardt? Remember him? Not only did he date Lauren Conrad of “The Hills,” but her polar opposite: Amanda Bynes.
In the latest issue of OK! the former Angels baseball player revealed everything about his relationship with the former child star and, you guessed it, it was pretty chaotic.
“She would go crazy for no reason!” Doug told the tabloid. “She wouldn’t even let me have a guys’ night out without flipping out on me, so it was over. We were spending every day together and it just was too much to be around all the time.”
Guy or girl, that paragraph sounds like it could be any overly co-dependent partner, but it took a crazy turn when she had a violent fit at his apartment. Amanda showed up unannounced at his apartment and flew into a rage.
“She kicked the doors, threw rocks, bricks, screaming that Doug was cheating,” an insider shared. Another source revealed that she even “threatened to kill his bird, smash his cars.”
Needless to say, they were over very soon after, breaking up the next day.
She’s only gotten more out-of-touch since, moving to New York following run-ins with the law and retiring from her acting career. However, her questionable behavior followed her and anyone who’s been to her apartment can tell you it’s an unnerving sight.
“Walking into her apartment was like walking into an episode of ‘American Horror Story,’” an unnamed ex-friend of Amanda’s said. “She had dozens of mutilated, bloody dolls all over the floor. It was her ‘homage to hell.’ She wanted to be surrounded by death. It was honestly scary.”
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