Prince Harry Flirting with Cara Delevingne

 We don’t want to jump out of our computer chairs, throw a cup of scalding coffee over our heads in excitement, and generally get ahead of ourselves here, but talk about a match made in CW heaven…
It ginger Prince Harry and It model of the moment Cara Delevingne are reportedly flirting up a storm overseas, and the whole scene sounds like something a young adult author of high society novellas would write.
The royal rascal and the firecracker supermodel attended a daytime barbecue at Princess Beatrice’s home, where the two apparently “spent the whole afternoon” chatting with one another.
“Harry made a beeline for Cara as soon as he spotted her,” a source told LOOK magazine. “Everywhere you looked there were models, actors, and aristocrats, but Harry and Cara didn’t seem to notice.”
For instance, at the Hollywood Westerns-themed party, Cara kept playfully stealing Harry’s cowboy hat and making jokes about his boots. “He seemed to love it and obviously thought she was hilarious,” added the source.
Since that exchange, the prince has reportedly been seen with Cara “several more times” and even brought her a gift during their most recent meeting: an in-flight magazine.
“It was a silly thing,” the source explained, “…a running joke between them to prove who has the most jet set lifestyle.”
If “Gossip Girl” were to collide with “Downton Abbey” this would be one of its episodes and we really want to know what happens next.
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