Demi Lovato Snubs Emotional Fan

Demi Lovato lives for her Lovatics, but only when they’re calm and composed.
While in London, Demi was promoting her new album—greeting, smiling, and signing autographs for fans who showed up at one of her appearances—when she came face-to-face with a hysterical fan.
As much as she wanted to be there for the “very emotional” girl, she couldn’t deny the slightly off-putting experience.
Let’s hold Demi’s hand (after we sanitize ours, of course) as she walks us through this memory…
“This girl was at a signing and she was crying so much that her nose literally dripped with snot down to her chin,” Demi retold in a story to Heat magazine, “and she wiped it with her hand and then went to shake mine.”
“I know she probably wasn’t thinking straight because she was obviously very emotional, but it was just really gross,” she admitted.
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