Celebs Who Ditched Non-Famous Exes

They say fame changes you, and it actually does. These are the stars who were in serious committed relationships for YEARS and then their IMDb score rose a little bit and they broke up with their non-famous totally normal exes to date someone with more A-list credentials.
Jennifer Hudson left Childhood Sweetheart: Jennifer Hudson dated her childhood sweetheart for 8 years but then got an Oscar nomination for Dreamgirls and ditched his a*s for WWE star David Otunga.
Zoe Saldana left Keith Britton: Zoe Saldana was basically an unknown actress until Avatar. She dated fellow unknown actor Keith Britton (his last role was in 2007) for 11 years but two years after she exploded onto the scene they broke up and she stumbled her way into the A-list arms of Bradley Cooper.
Kerry Washington left fiancé David Moscow: “Scandal" star Kerry Washington was dating an actor named David Moscow whose biggest role (literally) was playing a young Tom Hanks in Big. They were engaged for over two years, but around 2007 when Kerry started getting roles in Fantastic Four and some Tyler Perry films and David hadn’t done an acting job in three years, she dumped him.
Jennifer Lopez left Ojani Noa: J.Lo was married to a waiter named Ojani Noa for about a year. Quickly after their marriage, she starred in Selena and in a matter of months she was a huge star and quickly became single. Her next relationship was with the uber-famous P. Diddy.
Megan Fox left David Gallagher: Before she was an International sex symbol, Megan Fox dated that guy from “7th Heaven,” David Gallagher. They got together in 2003, but by the time his fame was basically over and as soon as Megan got her “big break” in Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen she left him for Brian Austen Green, her now husband.
Olivia Wilde divorced Tao Ruspoli: Olivia Wilde got married when she was 18 to a Prince (of somewhere far away and random) but around the time she hit 26 and started to get recognized in Hollywood she divorced him and started dating every famous hot dude she could (Ryan Gosling, Justin Timberlake, Bradley Cooper) before finally settling with Jason Sudeikis.
Liam Hemsworth left Laura Griffin: Liam Hemsworth dated a non-famous girl from Australia for five years before Miley Cyrus. He cheated on the girl with Miley and well…the rest is history. Oh, he also managed to squeeze a hook-up with Amanda Bynes somewhere in there too.
Big Sean Left High School Sweetheart: Rapper Big Sean was dating his high school sweetheart Ashley for several years, but when he got signed to Kanye’s record label, he broke up with Ashley because of “long distance” and ended up with “Glee” actress Naya Rivera, who he says he had a crush on for nearly a decade. The sad part is, he tried to get Naya to hook up with him even when he was with his ex Ashley.
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