10 Most Notorious Stage Dads in Hollywood

Stage moms are a dime a dozen in Hollywood. There are reality shows dedicated to them. But stage dads? There are only a few who can truly hold the title as a “stage dad” and these 10 men do it well. Happy Father’s Day Hollywood, now memorize those lines Jaden Smith! You have an audition in an hour!
1.     Michael Lohan: Michael Lohan’s sole income now is being Lindsay’s dad. He would never have gained “fame” (a term we use loosely) if he just took a backseat and let his daughter’s career do it’s own thing.
2.     Will Smith: Will recently said he wanted his family to be more like the Barrymores meaning he wants every single person in the family to become a celebrity in their own right. Willow was a pop star when she was like 9. Calm down Will.
3.      Joe Jackson: From horror stories about tortuous showbiz training techniques to basically forcing his sons to sing and dance whether they liked it or not, the Jackson patriarch is a notorious stage dad.
4.     Matthew Knowles: Beyonce’s dad, Matthew Knowles was such a stage parent that Beyonce fired him. He insists that the split was mutual, but rumor has it he mismanaged her finances real bad.
5.     Joe Simpson: Joe is responsible for both his daughter Jessica and Ashlee’s careers. To this day, he STILL manages both of them.
6.     Billy Ray Cyrus: Not only is Billy Ray a big part of Miley Cyrus’ career, HIS career now depends on Miley. If she’s not famous, he’s not relevant at all.
7.     Jon Voight: Although he and daughter Angelina Jolie were estranged for a while, he’s not piggybacking on her fame and LOVES talking about his daughter at red carpets and any chance he can get.
8.     Martin Sheen: Martin Sheen acts as the patriarch over the entire Sheen/Estevez clan.
9.     Hulk Hogan: For someone who made a career out of body-slamming people, his kids sure like to act like they’re famous. And Hulk loves shamelessly promoting Nick and Brooke Hogan’s non-careers.
10. John Barrymore: A dashing actor back in the day, he urged his daughter Drew into the world of Hollywood much too young and might be why she fell into the hard world of drugs and alcohol!
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