'The Cult Of Amanda' Is A Thing Now

Amanda Bynes, despite not really ”doing” anything besides tweeting, has just amassed a huge collection of obsessive and adoring fans.
Basically, all the REALLY weird Lady Gaga fans, like the little monsters that just went off the rails, have now joined the “Cult of Amanda,” the unofficial club for anyone who feels like worshipping Amanda.
Amanda regularly retweets the best messages and Photoshopped images from her fans, like this one…who called her “the queen” and then did a hack Photoshop job from all of Amanda’s Twitter photos.
And then there’s this photo, which makes absolutely no sense. It’s an airplane, a soccer game, a remote control, Louis Vuitton print and Amanda wearing a crown and the caption just says, “You fly @AmandaBynes.”

Someone even built a shrine to Amanda in New York, replacing the Virgin Mary’s face with Amanda’s!
And this guy got a tattoo of Amanda’s eyeball inside of a triangle like a damn Illuminati symbol! Oh and yes, the shirt he’s wearing is a photo of Amanda and the caption on the Twitpic says, "You beautiful eyed goddess!"

Apparently, Amanda is loving it.
“She might be acting crazy, but guess what? She’s always wanted attention. Now she’s finally getting it,” a person who claims to be friends with Amanda told In Touch.
How is it that Amanda has “friends” to talk to the tabloids on her behalf, but is always photographed alone wandering around NYC?
Oh well, at least Amanda has a cult now.
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