Squeal! The 10 Celebrity Babies We Want to Steal

Before you start sounding off the Amber Alert and dialing Nancy Grace, chill. We’re innocent, we swear!
Because, first of all, “steal” is a broad term. Of course, when we say we want to "steal" a golden crib filled with 10 famous babies in it, we don’t mean steal steal.
It’s not like we’ve already bought the fake mustaches, decided who’s going to distract which parent(s) while the other readies the getaway stroller, okay?
Please believe us when we protest we haven’t had some elaborate plan in the works for the past nine months or anything…
Anyway, now that we’re done pleading our case, let’s keep this short and sweet and get to these adorable celebabies, the 10 who kidnapped our hearts first…

Blue Ivy Carter – Who run the world? Blue. That’s who and we want to be on her good side when she gains world domination.

Harper Seven Beckham – Traditionally, this baby’s name is “Harper Seven,” but we prefer to call David and Victoria Beckham’s daughter by her nickname “AAAAAAAHAOOMOMGGGOGMOSOCUTE.”

Zuma Rossdale – Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale just let their kids imaginations run wild and free and we love them for it, especially in Zuma’s case. We don’t think we’ve ever seen the kid NOT wearing a costume from Party City.

Skyler Berman – We’d steal this kid in a heartbeat…but only en route to Fred Segal to go shopping. Skyler’s the most fashionable boy in school and we need to get his opinion on these knit sweaters we’ve been going back and forth on. Some days we’re like we die! for them and then other days we’re not going bananas. Skyler, help!

Louis Bullock – “Are we done yet?” This is Louis’ expression for everything. Louis Bullock is so over everything and we love it.

Maxwell Johnson – Most adorable pout lips? I see your Nemo, and raise you Maxwell's darling trout lips.

Vivian Lake Brady – Vivian Lake is definitely taking after her mom. Anna Wintour has probably seen Instagrams of Gisele's baby and is planning a Baby Vogue magazine to launch next season.

Camden Lachey – Precious. Camden single-handedly redeems every 98-Degrees song his father Nick Lachey released in the '90s.

Duke Rancic – The Duke is never not smiling.

Flynn Bloom – He's just the cutest little mini-Legolas Elf in all of Middle-Earth.
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