It’s The End For Bon Jovi, Say Insiders

After Richie Sambora’s sudden exit from Bon Jovi for “personal reasons,” many fans and band insiders fear this is the end for one of the greatest rock bands of all time and NOT because of Richie’s exit, but because of the beef that’s been brewing between Jon Bon Jovi and Richie Sambora for too long.
A source recently revealed to the NY Post that Richie was outed from the band because Jon had had enough of Richie’s hard-partying lifestyle. However, sources tell Hollyscoop that Jon has been trying to blame the split on Richie’s non-existent alcoholism and the feud is actually about Jon’s ego.
“Jon Bon Jovi had his ego hit hard when daughter Stephanie overdosed on heroin on November 14, 2012 in her college dorm. Since then Jon has been distraught and even angrier to business associates and friends. Jon said point-blank to Richie’s face, ‘I thought an overdose would have come from a daughter of yours, not mine.’”
It was this low-blow comment from Jon to Richie that basically ended whatever relationship they DID have. Sources say that since Jon’s daughter’s overdose, Jon has gotten even angrier and more cruel to Richie. Richie has always maintained that his exit was for "private reasons" that he would not go into. We now know that this "private matter" was actually Jon's belittling.

“Richie just went quietly and played for 20 plus shows that ended in late February, but when he had to return on April 2 for the next leg, Richie decided he wasn’t being paid enough to go through with all the cruelty from Jon,” adds the source.
Our sources even think that Jon’s recent jab at Justin Bieber was a hidden passive-aggressive dig at Richie for ditching the band.
Basically, our insider is pretty positive this is the end for the band.  
“After what Jon said to Richie about Richie’s daughter and his comments and actions to hurt Richie, Bon Jovi may be a thing of the past.
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