Reese Witherspoon Has No Connection to Real World

You might still be tossing and turning over why our dear little southern belle, Reese Witherspoon would so rudely address a law enforcement officer like she was raised above the Mason-Dixon line.
Our entire worldview of Reese was shattered when the actress was charged with disorderly conduct last week and we still haven’t recovered.
Now, thanks to a report in People, we may never.
Because it is—and always was—an act, a source tells the magazine.

“She got discovered young, she got pregnant and married young, and has no connection to the real world,” a source told People. “With her, what happens in public and what happens in private is very different.”
The source added that Reese “is a southern sorority girl to her core,” but with a wild side, as displayed when she got all up in a police officer’s grill, throwing “Do you know who I am?” cards like shuriken left and right, as he arrested her husband Jim Toth for a DUI in Atlanta.
 "She's actually the real girl next door,” said the source, “not the clichéd girl next door."
A reputation we’re beginning to see because of her rocky relationship with Jim, allegedly.
The CAA agent “was on his best behavior” when he and Reese began to date, but “things started to change last year” as his work-mixed-with-play habits took over.
“Jim gets very loud and obnoxious when he drinks and it’s embarrassing for Reese,” the source concluded. “He’s totally himself with her now, which means he can be a party animal again.”
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