Rebel Wilson Flashes Sultry Lingerie In New Show Trailer

Rebel Wilson, our imaginary best friend, is starring in a new ABC comedy this fall called “Super Fun Night” and it’s basically a show about three chicks who try to have fun every Friday night.
Pretty basic stuff, until Rebel Wilson finds herself nearly naked outside a swanky Hollywood club.
In the show, Rebel and her gal pals stay in every Friday night, until one night Rebel’s hot (and British) co-worker invites her out to a club.
Unfortunately for Rebel they can’t get in to the exclusive club, because that's a serious problem in LA.

Hijinks ensue (lots of pratfalling and accidental knife-wielding) and somehow Rebel ends up on the side of Hollywood Boulevard in a sparkly pink bra with LED hearts.
Just as Rebel exclaims, “This night couldn’t get any worse,” AHA, the night DOES get worse.
Right after her clothes get torn off, her office crush walks out, as sitcom characters are known to do.
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